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YXZQ Fan Industrial Spray Electric Water Mist Wind Air Cooling Floor Humidification Shop Humidifier Quiet Tower Atomization Commercial Factory Garden Outdoor Speed 1350 (R/Min)


Main parameters: Motor power: 260/350 (w), voltage: 220 (V), applicable range: 8-10M, air volume: 138-158, speed: 1350 (r / min)
Adjustable: This basic fan has three adjustable speed settings, which can be set to high, medium and low speed. Suitable for your needs. Just use button controls to operate.
Portable design: universal wheel, removable design, durable casters, easy to move. Fans and sprayers can be used alone or together. After the water in the tank is used up, the fan can continue to run.
Features: Low noise motor, copper movement, regular design, spray humidification, strong wind, cooling area up to 50m2, removable water tank, easy to operate, good stability.
Applicable space: suitable for outdoor, home, office, greenhouse, summer house, garage, workshop, courtyard, backyard and even gymnasium.

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